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We have a simple goal, to provide the best service to the finest art establishments across Middle East.


Art Depot is the first regional fully focused fine art packing and shipping company. Our experience dates back to 1989 when our sister company Pale Art Trans was established in Europe. Art Depot team consists of people with decades of experience in museum-standard fine art handling.

We have a simple goal, to provide the best service to the finest art establishments across Middle East.


Our dedication to perfectionism and constant innovation give us ability to adequately respond to the most demanding tasks.

We had the privilege to work with some of the most prestige works of art such as Picasso, Monet, Henry Moore and many others.

With decades of experience we are able to understand needs of our clients and therefore provide reliable packing solutions. In Art Depot workshop, we produce different types of custom made crates, boxes and containers for all kind of artworks and delicate objects.


Art Depot provides wide range of air, sea and land transportation, from a single work of art to large exhibitions.

We are able to meet the most demanding and complex requests such as courier escort, charter flight, global GPS tracking, loading and unloading of sensitive and massive objects.

Shipping of fine art and antiques may require specific packing, customs and transport procedures. Art Depot team is highly trained and experienced to handle complicated logistical tasks.


Secure and discreet storage facility

Temperature controlled throughout the facility and monitored by cameras every day, any item will be kept in the perfect environment.

  • Secure 24/7 alarm system
  • CCTV with hard-drive download for review and investigations.
  • Short-term and long-term storage; all under one roof.
  • Racking or bulk areas.

A further 5000 square feet in Dubai storage to be opened in 2017 will provide a new storage and gallery services.


Art Depot provides service of installation, assembly and dismantling of large exhibitions and art fairs.

Whether handling paintings, multimedia pieces, or monumental sculptures, our team delivers museum-quality service in both private and public settings.


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